3M Under Body Coating

A car’s underbody is exposed to the most wear and tear. And because it’s not in plain sight, we often do not see the damage caused by muddy water, bumpy roads, stones, flying stones and chips, that dent the under chassis and scrape off the protective paint coating and other obstacles on the road. In addition, bad climatic conditions like humidity and rain also cause the car’s underbody to rust.

Yet there is something you can do about it.

The 3M Underbody Treatment offers you a long term solution for issues related to corrosion and rust.  The treatment is a hard coating on the underbody of the car that is fast drying, paintable, non-toxic and chip resistant

The 3M Underbody Treatment protects the car underbody from rust increasing the longevity of the car and thus enhancing its resale value.